1. Spend a year backpacking around South America. Well, it was 7 months in South and Central America.  I count it.

2. Get a job bartending.  Counting this done on 1/8/12, assuming a “volunteer” bartending job at Loki Hostel in Peru counts.  And as of 11/12 I have been a paid bartender!

3. Make a feature-length documentary.  (In progress!)

4. Travel through southeast Asia.  In progress at age 30! 11/8/17

5. Get married and have an awesomely us wedding.  Done 6/15/13!!!!!

6. Live in NYC.

7. Read at least 50 new books.  Done 8/2/14.  Took longer than it should have!

8. Get published.  (I’m deciding Hofstra’s film magazine back in the day doesn’t count.  Neither does the Internet.)

9. Get a documentary into a film festival.

10. Move abroad somewhere to live for a measurable period of time.    Done at age 30 in Thailand! 11/8/17

11. Go somewhere in Europe (thus completing 6/7 continents).  Done 9/10/14!  Read all about it on http://www.laaventuraproject.com

12. Gain a decent following on my blog.  Counting this as done on 1/2/12 due to the decent following on the La Aventura Project blog.

13. Help Zach complete his bachelor’s degree.

14. Get Zach to perform his music for people.  This was pretty vague, but he has performed for many people informally since I wrote this, so I’m saying it’s done.  1/2/12.

15. Learn Photoshop.  Well, I learned Lightroom and a little bit of Photoshop.  Close enough.

16. Learn Spanish.  I know enough to survive conversations and I’m only getting better.  Saying it’s done.  1/2/12

17. Wear a bikini and look hot.  Done.

18. Adopt a puppy.  Done 11/14.  Toby!

19. Make money creating wedding videos.  Started doing this 7/12!

20. Learn to use a dSLR.  Of course I’m still improving, but I can use manual and get good shots.  1/2/12

21. Get my hair cut short again.

22. Make volunteering a regular part of my life.  Done 12/14.

23. Successfully go over a jump on a snowboard.

24. Start saving for the future. (Although I disagree with the practice of obsessively working and saving for “retirement” I have realized that I should probably try to put away enough to at least escape to a beautiful beach in a developing country someday.) Done 6/14!

25. Get a tattoo.  Done!  4/2/13!

26. Plant a garden.  Done 5/14!

27. Take swing-dancing lessons.  Done!  6/1/13!

28. Learn more about eastern religions.  In progress at age 30! 11/8/17

29. Become a more conscientious consumer.  This means not only consistently buying local and organic food but also making wise choices to buy recycled/reused/natural/organic/local/fair trade/sustainable cosmetics, clothing, and other products.  Counting it done 10/11/15, when we made homemade toothpaste and deodorant.  True hippies!

30. Find peace in the midst of it all.  This is an ongoing process but I got sober and started to find some peace on 8/8/16!

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  4. I love your blog! I discovered it from the Utah piece you did. You seem like such a positive, down-to-earth person, having a lot of fun in life. People like you inspire me to do the same! Btw, congrats on your wedding ties, the slide show is beautiful and the story is adorable! [:

    -Best in life x

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