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More on my strange obsession with trampolines…


I accomplished one of my life-long dreams the other day. (Well, I’d dreamed about it ever since I learned of it’s existence.)  I WENT TO ONE OF THOSE HUGE TRAMPOLINE PLACES!!!!  It was amazing.  Trampolines all over the floor, up the walls (yes, you could literally jump OFF THE WALLS), even a trampoline dodgeball court (which I lasted about 2 seconds on).

The place we went is called Jump Street and it’s in Denver.  Every Tuesday and Thursday they have a special:  only $10 for 2 hours of jumping.  So we went with Zach’s cousin Michelle and a bunch of her friends.  It was super fun, but we felt super old.  All of us got so tired and kept having to take breaks.  It is really great cardio!  The next day we were all sooooo sore!  Despite my love for trampolines, I had actually never manned up enough to do an actual flip on one, even in all my years of gymnastics.  Everyone at Jump Street was flipping like crazy so I knew I had to try it by the end.  I am such a chicken!!!  (“Ka-ka-koo!  Ka-ka-koo!  Ka-ka-koo!”  If you get that I love you.)  It took me forever to actually just do it but then it was easy!  I didn’t land on my feet of course.  And the only one captured on video was the worst one I did.  But at least I did it.

So here you are, a horribly filmed and horribly edited montage of the only steady video we got on our little flip cam.  Don’t jump and film, people.  It doesn’t work.  This amuses me at least.


Urban Rebounding


You know who I hate?  People who DON’T SWEAT.  I CANNOT understand those magical girls I see at the gym who run treadmill marathons or do hardcore kickboxing and BARELY GLISTEN.  How do they do that??????

Me, I’m a sweater.  It’s disgusting.  I can’t even believe I’m writing about it on the Internet.  But the fact is, I sweat A LOT when I work out, and my face gets really red.  It’s not like, an unhealthy/I’m-gonna-die level of sweating, but it’s a lot more than these magical sweat-free women.  And I HATE people seeing me sweat like that.  This is why, all through college and beyond, I have always preferred to work out by myself.  Running buddies are not for me because God forbid I make one of my friends witness my sweaty, nasty, red-faced glory.  I also have always avoided any type of workout classes (aerobics, yoga, etc.) because I just don’t like feeling like people are watching me sweat!

But, yesterday I FINALLY overcame my self-consciousness and WENT TO A CLASS!  There was finally one offering at my gym that just sounded too FUN to pass up, despite my sweat-a-phobia.  What was it, you ask?

URBAN REBOUNDING…otherwise known as Trampoline Class!!!!!!The idea of working out by jumping on a trampoline brought back memories of my favorite part of gymnastics when I was in elementary school…the trampoline!  Seriously, bouncing like Tigger is SO FUN!!!  So despite my apprehensions, I finally tried out the Urban Rebounding class last night.  And it was really fun!!!  It’s basically like aerobics and tae-bo type moves while bouncing on your “rebounder.”  There were only 4 of us plus the instructor, who was super-peppy and fun (despite being one of those crazy non-sweaters) and blasted hip-hop music as we bounced around for half an hour.  The moves weren’t hard but definitely got your heart rate up there.  I certainly felt like I had don’t just as much as I do in 30 minutes on the elliptical, if not more.  My legs really felt it.  It was so nice to have my brain engaged in trying something new for a change rather than just busting out a tedious 30 minutes on a machine.  And yes, I did sweat more than the other girls in the class but they both took breaks and I didn’t which I told myself meant I am still in better shape than them despite my sweaty pits.  Score!  I’m so glad I finally went to a class and took one step toward getting over my silly self-consciousness.  It was so fun that I’ll definitely go back, and I even feel inspired to try more classes.  Maybe Justine will take me with her to hip-hop dancercize when I’m back in Ohio and I can get all sweaty there too while finally learning some rhythm!