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And Carrie squealed and did a happy dance at work!!


In case you can’t tell from this crappy iPhone picture, I’ll just go ahead and tell you why I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

I BOOKED OUR FLIGHT TO COLOMBIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those of you who haven’t heard about La Aventura Project, click the link over in the sidebar to the right to learn about why me, my boyfriend, and my friend Mel are taking off on a one-year backpacking adventure through all of South America. 

Those of you following the project know we’ve been planning this forever but weren’t planning to buy our flight tickets  until May or June.  Well, today I got to work (where I get paid to surf the internet) and found a deal that seemed too good to be true (*knockonwood*)!  After some frantic texting between myself and Melissa I just threw caution to the wind and booked it.

We have our flight, y’all!!!!!!!  (I’m not really southern, but that’s meant to be heard in a Waiting for Guffman accent.) 

I’m going to surprise Zach with the printed-out confirmation tonight.  He knows nothing of this.  So shh…don’t tell him before I do!

Cracks Kill


What a clever title, eh?????  You know it’s awesome.

Everyone knows that you can really drive 5 mph over the speed limit and never get a ticket, right?  Maybe even 10 mph over on the highway?  I don’t think I’m alone in this practice.  Well, I grew up in Ohio where the highway speed limit is 65mph, meaning I would drive 70-75mph.  Out west here though, the speed limit is actually 75mph!  That means Carrie gets to speed her way home at 85mph with no worries, baby!!!  Go go speed racer!!!

Well, an unfortunate consequence of this extremely high speed limit is that when rocks hit your windshield at 85mph, they do a lot more damage then they do at 75mph.  Or so I have come to believe, thanks to TWO little cracks I got in my windshield after only 5 months of having my current car.  Of course my cheapo Safe Auto insurance doesn’t cover glass repair, and I am BROKE, ugh!  Normally, I wouldn’t really care that much about the cracks.  But I am trying to be more responsible and on top of things lately, so I said to myself “Self, you know you should really just get those two cracks fixed NOW before they get worse.  Be a good responsible adult even though you don’t care about two tiny chips in your windshield.”  So I scheduled a repair with Safelite Auto Glass.  $145 was the estimate.  Again, ugh.

The Safelite guy came to my work to fix my windshield right where I was parked.  Convenient, right?  I was feeling all proud of myself for making this happen, when the repairman guy comes back inside and knocks on my office door and says “Umm…I just put the suction on the first one to fix it and it started spreading right away, so I can’t do it.  Sorry.  Here’s my manager’s business card; you should call him to see about getting a discount on a new windshield.”

AHHH!!!!!!  As soon as he left I turned to my co-worker Matt and asked, “Am I right in thinking he just told me that he broke my windshield more???????”  Matt goes, “Yep, I’m pretty sure that’s what he said.”  And sure enough, one of my cracks had spread from both sides, although it was still much smaller than a dollar bill.  I proceeded to spend the rest of the afternoon freaking out about having to get a new windshield and how I could NOT afford that.  I even looked at switching to new insurance but that would cost even more.  In general, I was NOT feeling validated in my attempt to act like a responsible, on-top-of-things adult.  I was also feeling hatred for the fact that I must even have a car and fantasizing about moving to NYC sooner rather than later and going all-public-transportation.

Luckily, I refused to believe Mr. Safelite Windshield Breaker-Man and decided to call some other places.  I called the first place that came up when I googled “Flagstaff Auto Glass” and it was a little independently-owned shop.  The guy there seemed quite happy at the opportunity to steal a customer from Safelite and assured me that he could fix my windshield without having to replace it.  I was skeptical but holding onto a tiny grain of optimism so I took my car there the next morning.  He looked at my windshield, scoffed “They couldn’t fix that?” and told me he’d have it done in an hour.  I asked for a quote, just hoping it would be no more than the $145 Safelite had been planning to charge me, and get this????  “Fifty bucks,” said this amazing new-best-friend of mine.

Add to that the 15% coupon they had on their website, and I paid about $43 for the job.  You can still see a tiny bit of one of the cracks but as long as neither is in danger of spreading I am fine with that.  So, I guess the moral of the story is that sometimes Plan A fails for a reason.  Mr. Safelite Windshield Breaker-Man did cause me some frustration but in the end I paid only 1/3 of what I had originally intended to.  And I got a reminder that the biggest, most well-known company is not always the best or the cheapest.  Shop around, people.