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Productivity?? What????? I’m Gonna Go Cry…


This is Why I’ll Never Be An Adult by Hyperbole and a Half is one of my favorite blog posts of all time, and it greatly describes how I’m feeling right now.

Ahhh!!!!  I AM OVERWHELMED!!!  Who knew that working full time and planning a year-long trip and fundraising to make a documentary and going to the gym everyday and continuing to keep the house in order and having a social life would be so much to do?

I am especially discouraged right now because I was trying so hard to break out of my usual “really-bad-at-delegating-just-do-everything-myself” ways, but I pretty much failed.  Turns out, not delegating doesn’t work, but delegating doesn’t work either!!!!!  At least not when the others involved are just as busy as you are and just flat out don’t care as much, because they’re not the ones who went to film school and whose infant career is depending on this project.  Which is understandable, but still, just leads me back to doing everything myself.

I ended up a big PMS-ey, bawling mess last night because I was just so stressed out and felt like I was carrying the whole world on my shoulders.  And Zach can’t understand because he’s just Mr. Super Laid Back, like “There’s no hurry; it’ll get done when it needs to!” And I’m screaming, “I know it doesn’t NEED to get done now but I WANT it done now and DON’T YOU WANT TO MAKE ME HAPPY?????”  Ahhhhhhhhhh CRAZYPSYCHOGIRLFRIEND unleashed!!!  So we are at the impasse we always reach: my Type-A Stressball tendencies vs. his procrastinate ’til the last minute/just have fun/don’t worry about it ways.  Which I love about him to some degree, but sometimes…honestly….I want to take a syringe and inject a shot of pure stress right into his rear.  At what pharmacy can I find that?

This is an emo post with no real solution.  I’m ranting.  For something real to read, look at the posts Zach wrote recently: one on his blog about our Courchsurfing story, the other on the La Aventura Project website about our Arizona adventures.  He doesn’t think he’s a good writer but he really is.  I love him.  I’m just frustrated by life right now.  The end.

“Because 99 is not 100…”


“One single can is of great importance…” says Valter, one of the many beautifully raw characters in Lucy Walker’s documentary Waste Land, “Because 99 is not 100 and that single one will make a difference.”  The film follows Vik Muniz, a famous modern artist, trying to “give back” by creating artwork with and for the garbage pickers of Jardim Gramacho, the largest landfill in the world.  Against a backdrop of extreme poverty and literal, stinking garbage in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, Vik befriends those who make their living by retrieving recyclable materials from the dump.  He goes on to create stunning photographic portraits of these “pickers”  composed entirely of discarded recylables.  By involving them in an artistic project Vik enables his subjects to see themselves and their job with elevated insight. 

Above all, the film is about reslilience.  Its beauty is in its characters, who take pride in their occupation, their community, and themselves, despite the hard lot they’ve been dealt in life.  Walker also teaches a complicated lesson on the power of art–what it can be, mean, and accomplish.  Waste Land has a multi-faceted appeal, functioning as a kind of collision between Exit Through the Gift Shop and Invisible Children.  It is the most elegant and heartfelt documentary I’ve seen in a long time, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to cry some happy tears while reaffirming their belief in human kindness.