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The Midwest


We’ve been back in the good ol’ Midwest for several days now.  We drove from Denver to Lincoln, Nebraska, where we stayed one night.  Everyone there was football-obsessed and I knew we were back.  The highlight of our night in Lincoln was finally watching “The Tree of Life.”  It’s the newest Terrence Malick film and swept the awards at Cannes this past year.  Malick is my favorite director so I knew I would love it, but I was still blown away.  I really need to see it again and write a whole post.  But just go see it, if you get a chance.  Life-changing.

Next we headed to Iowa City, the town I grew up in from age 2-13.  This was the first time I’d been back in 10 years, so it was pretty crazy.  We drove around and found my old house and school and all the memory lane places.  We couch-surfed with some awesome people and went to Amish country.  Mmmmmmm free cheese samples!!!!  Being back in the town I grew up in was so weird…everything was so much smaller and closer together than I remembered.  Our last night we discovered that they have the exact same Kings rules as we do in Ohio!  That was fun.  On our last day we went out to breakfast with our host’s Kenyan friend.  So I got to speak some Swahili and reminisce about East Africa.

Now we are in the ‘burbs of Chicago staying with Zach’s college roommate.  He is getting some good bro-time and engineering talk in, which he deserves after dealing with my Iowa City nostalgia-fest.  Tomorrow we head to Milwaukee since none of us have ever been there.  Back to Columbus on Sunday.  I have to say that I am already tired of cornfields and boring flat-ness.  I am not a huge fan of the Midwest.  It’s a great place to grow up, but I’m done.  I’ve now lived on both sides of the country and they are both so much better than the middle.  However, I know the next few weeks will be full of catching up with friends and getting ready for South America so they will go fast.  After such an amazing trip (which I still have tons more to write about), it’s so clear to me what Ohio is:  overrated.


More on my strange obsession with trampolines…


I accomplished one of my life-long dreams the other day. (Well, I’d dreamed about it ever since I learned of it’s existence.)  I WENT TO ONE OF THOSE HUGE TRAMPOLINE PLACES!!!!  It was amazing.  Trampolines all over the floor, up the walls (yes, you could literally jump OFF THE WALLS), even a trampoline dodgeball court (which I lasted about 2 seconds on).

The place we went is called Jump Street and it’s in Denver.  Every Tuesday and Thursday they have a special:  only $10 for 2 hours of jumping.  So we went with Zach’s cousin Michelle and a bunch of her friends.  It was super fun, but we felt super old.  All of us got so tired and kept having to take breaks.  It is really great cardio!  The next day we were all sooooo sore!  Despite my love for trampolines, I had actually never manned up enough to do an actual flip on one, even in all my years of gymnastics.  Everyone at Jump Street was flipping like crazy so I knew I had to try it by the end.  I am such a chicken!!!  (“Ka-ka-koo!  Ka-ka-koo!  Ka-ka-koo!”  If you get that I love you.)  It took me forever to actually just do it but then it was easy!  I didn’t land on my feet of course.  And the only one captured on video was the worst one I did.  But at least I did it.

So here you are, a horribly filmed and horribly edited montage of the only steady video we got on our little flip cam.  Don’t jump and film, people.  It doesn’t work.  This amuses me at least.