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The next epic road trip


Zach and I have road-tripped across the country multiple times, usually with the end goal being either getting to Arizona from Ohio or getting to Ohio from Arizona.  But we don’t like to waste the chance to see things on our way!  Why make it a two-day looooong drive when you can make it a two-week long Couchsurfing trip and see some new places?  That’s our philosophy.

So of course, when planning our upcoming move to San Diego, we decided to make another big road trip out of it.  (Assuming we save enough $$$, of course).  Right now, this is the tentative route.  We can’t take as long as we did last cross-country trip (six weeks!) but we think we could take three weeks and at least have a couple days each in a bunch of new places.  I’m excited because this route will have me checking four new states off of my list (North Dakota, Montana, Washington, and Oregon).

Here’s what we’re thinking as far as destinations along the journey:

1. Marquette, Michican (supposedly the UP is really nice!)

2. Fargo, North Dakota (because who’s ever hung out there?)

3. Bozeman, Montana

4. Kalispell, Montana (Glacier National Park!)

5. Coeur D’Alene, Idaho

6. Vancouver, British Columbia

7. Seattle, Washington

8. Portland, Oregon (and a stop at Crater Lake)

9. Eureka, California

10. Santa Cruz, California

Woo, that’s a lot of driving!  But I am so pumped to Couchsurf my way across the country again, meet some amazing new people, and see new sights!  At the end of the trip, we will settle in a brand new city, sunny San Diego!  Unless, of course, one of these places we visit captivates us enough to make us stay.

You tell me, is there anywhere else along this route that we can’t miss?