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End of the Dental Drama


Remember this post, all about how messed up my teeth (supposedly) are?

Well, this week I got all of that sorted out, hurrah!  Thanks to getting back on my dad’s insurance I was able to go see a different dentist.  He was much less pushy/salesman-like.  He basically said that I DON’T need a nightguard because he doesn’t see ANY signs of me wearing my teeth down by grinding, and that getting an electric toothbrush is up to my personal preference.  Take that 2nd opinion, money-grubbing first dentist!!!!  Unfortunately, I did have to get those 3 cavities filled, so I did that yesterday.  But you guys, guess what?  I SURVIVED!!!  It was over an hour in the chair and the 2 novicaine shots were definitely not pleasant but once I was numb I was NUMB, yo.  I actually found it quite amusing how fat and puffy my whole face felt and was able to just focus on how weird it was instead of focusing on them DRILLING my teeth.  Soon enough it was over and you better believe it, I am a lifelong hardcore flosser from  now on!!!!!  Oh, and my dad’s insurance is so much better, I didn’t pay a thing!  Woot!

My face took so long to stop being numb!  I met Zach for lunch and he laughed at my lopsided smile so much.  I looked like a stroke victim.  Also, it is hard to eat sushi when you can’t feel your upper lip.  Thankfully by the time I went to work last night my smile was *almost* normal again.  I think it was still a little droopy but everyone was busy drinking margarita after margarita for Cinco de Mayo that hopefully they didn’t notice.

And hopefully no more cavities ever!!!!