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Weird things about Utah


1. You can’t buy a drink at a restaurant without ordering food.

2. Everything is named “Zion.”

3. There are NO (hardly any) bars.  The best-named bar we saw in Salt Lake City was called “X Wifes Club.”  Hilarious and a good typo-find because I think they meant “wives.”  All the bars are not called bars, rather “Brew Pubs.”

4. Most of the women have their shoulders and cleavage totally covered, and knee-length skirts.  Hello Mormons!!!

5. They actually take your ID and scan it to make sure it’s real.

6. There are hardly any minorities.

Well, we are in the thick of Mormon-land.  Why am I so fascinated by Mormondom, you ask?  Well, it’s thanks to this crazy book I read awhile ago.

and this show…

So seeing the Temple in Salt Lake City and experiencing all this Utah weirdness has been satisfying my curiosity a bit.  I’ve actually read a bit of the Book of Mormon so I’m trying to base this from an educated standpoint.  But still, Mormonism just seems so ridiculous to me!  I think the fact that it’s so easy to make fun of is because it IS kinda nutty.  Welp, I’m enjoying the free WiFi at a laundromat and the dryer is almost done, so I’ll leave you with this gem.  You kinda have to know a thing or two about the LDS church to get it, but if you do, it’s hilarious.