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Keep reading over at my travel blog!


We made it to America del Sur!!!!  So posting on this page will probably be a lot lighter while we´re traveling.  I´ll still write on here at times when I have something not directly trip-related to say.  But you should definitely add www.laaventuraproject.com to your Google Reader or bookmarks and keep following me over there!  Thanks!

Thirty by 30 Brain-freeze


For the past week I’ve been working on a list of 30 goals to accomplish before I turn 30.  I’m going to make another tab at the top of this page and post it there.  The list includes things to learn, places to go, milestones to experience, etc.  I’ve got 29 really solid ideas on the list but I CANNOT think of a #30!  This is weird because usually my brain flutters all over the place wanting to do too many things.  I just want this list to be composed of really awesome and well thought-out things that I can reasonably do.  I know there has to be one more awesome thing I really must accomplish in the next six years.  Any ideas for me?

Hello! Mambo! Hola!


My name’s Carrie, and I guess I’ve been kind of a serial monogamist with blogs.  In high school I first started writing on mindsay, I think.  What happened to that?  Haven’t heard of it in years so I’m guessing not much.  Then my emo spirit started craving company so I switched to xanga since that seemed to be where all my fellow emo high-schoolers were typing out their woes.  When that blog fizzled and died I took a hiatus.  My next blog experiment was an account of my summer in Kenya (2007) and was written on blogger.  I stayed on blogger and finally began writing more regularly at www.journeylost.blogspot.com after graduating from college and joining the Peace Corps.  It was mostly a Peace Corps blog but I stayed there for a year after returning and tried to make myself write regularly.  Until recently, when a web-savy friend finally convinced me of the super-sexy ways of wordpress.  I started looking around here and was easily convinced.  I like that it’s more customizable, cleaner-looking, and spunkier.  Who knows, maybe I am still serially monogamous with my blogging platforms and will end up switching again in another two years.  But for now, I like it here and I hope to stay.  See, I’ve had my high school blogs, my travel blogs (here and here) and my Peace Corps blog.  I kind of want this to be more cozy, comfy, all-encompassing, my LIFE blog.  So here’s to giving it a go.  Cheers.