Doubles No More


Well, it turns out working 70 hours a week does not for good blogging make.  But fear not, life will be better now.  I decided that my 3rd job, bartending in the daytime at a failing downtown hotel, was not worth the $10-30 a day I made there.  Plus, I got offered more shifts at the Indian restaurant so even without the third job, I’m still working 7 nights a week.  Still too much?  Perhaps, but weddings don’t pay for themselves!

This post is pretty lame.  To spruce it up, here’s a video from an awesome new British folk singer I recently discovered.


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  1. I can understand tipping a bartender for making a martini or a drink that involves some effort but why does society ask that we tip our bartenders a $1 just for opening a bottle of beer or making an easy drink like a vodka soda for example?

    And why is it that a waitress at a bar deserves a tip per drink for delivering a round of drinks that she didn’t even make?

    For the record, I’m a great tipper. My standard is 20%-25% and I don’t always go by the 20% because at times, the waitress deserves more if the restaurant charges low prices (breakfast places) yet the work involved is like that of any other restaurant. I’ve been called overly generous with regard to tipping.

    However, with bars, it just seems ridiculous at times. There is no work involved with pouring a few drinks yet they should get tipped a dollar per drink whereas as a waiter/waitress who actually provides a service when he or she waits on you only deserves 5-10 dollars after she waited on you for an hour?

    I think it’s absolutely assinine that our society rewards bartenders and waitstaff at bars so highly. I think it’s due to cultural as opposed to logical reasons. You are supposed to tip the pretty girl or the studly guy who gives you 3 beers versus the not so attractive older waitress who waits on you at Dennys for breakfast? My view is we should reward those who work hard regardless of their appearance or establishment.

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    • One thing to consider is that most bartenders were servers for many years before they got the coveted bar job. So maybe they’ve earned it?
      I do think you have a valid point though. Servers do a lot more running around than bartenders and you should tip them well no matter how much the food costs.

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