Sweatier’n’a sumo wrestler in a sauna!


Allow me to rant for one moment.  Did you know it has been over 90 degrees every day for the past four days here, even getting up to 101 degrees at one point?  Holy bonkers, that is hot!  I thought I left Central America!  Apparently this week has been “historic” for high temperatures, as it has been all over the country pretty much.  Running has been pretty miserable as you can imagine.  But you know what the worst part is?  We don’t have A/C in the car, and I have a 20+ minute drive to work.  That’s 20 minutes of sweating before I arrive to serve tables.  I show up looking like I just ran a marathon.  It’s gross.  Also, I have been trying to get a third job, so showing up for interviews after driving in the heat has been a real barrel of fun.  I’ve had to start wearing different clothes in the car, then change, reapply powder and body spray in a nearby fast food place bathroom.  It’s awesome.

Plus, our electricity is not included in our rent, and neither of us has ever had a separate electric bill before.  We have no idea how much we can run the A/C without racking it up to $100 a month.  We’ve been trying to run it as little as possible, but we have to have it at night and a few times a day.  Not looking forward to that bill.

Oh, first world problems.  Well, poor people in the first world problems.  Most people who can afford it have A/C in their car, I think.


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  1. Ugh, it’s been awful here too. Is your AC a window unit or central air? I have a window unit and I ran it most of the day all day through June and last year in August, and only got close to $75. This heat wave is killing me, so it will be kind of high this month, but not up to $100.

  2. It’s a window unit, but our apartment is a lot bigger than yours and Toledo has high electricity prices apparently. So we’ll see what happens. We’re not home very much so pretty much only run it at night at least.

  3. I didn’t have A/C or a radio in my first car (which I didn’t get until I was in my mid 20s)! I used to belt a boom box in the passenger seat for long trips! We didn’t have A/C in our apartment either. But I only walked uphill to school one way.

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