The dreaded “Wedding-Industrial Complex”…


…is what we’re going to try our darndest to avoid during our wedding planning process and the event itself.

But what is the “Wedding-Industrial Complex”?  I realized that some of my readers who don’t read wedding blogs quite as fervently as I do may be unfamiliar with this term.  So I tried googling it, looking for a good definition.  Turns out, there really isn’t a dictionary-type unpacking of the term anywhere on the Interwebs.

But, of course trusty Meg of A Practical Wedding (my new favorite blog) has an awesome post about the WIC that ends up providing a pretty clear definition.  So you should read it, here, and then come back to me.  It’s pretty short and sweet and awesome and if you understand it things will make a lot better sense from here on out, as I’ll probably be mentioning it a lot.  (I mean, the horrible beast is everywhere!)


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