Weird things about Utah


1. You can’t buy a drink at a restaurant without ordering food.

2. Everything is named “Zion.”

3. There are NO (hardly any) bars.  The best-named bar we saw in Salt Lake City was called “X Wifes Club.”  Hilarious and a good typo-find because I think they meant “wives.”  All the bars are not called bars, rather “Brew Pubs.”

4. Most of the women have their shoulders and cleavage totally covered, and knee-length skirts.  Hello Mormons!!!

5. They actually take your ID and scan it to make sure it’s real.

6. There are hardly any minorities.

Well, we are in the thick of Mormon-land.  Why am I so fascinated by Mormondom, you ask?  Well, it’s thanks to this crazy book I read awhile ago.

and this show…

So seeing the Temple in Salt Lake City and experiencing all this Utah weirdness has been satisfying my curiosity a bit.  I’ve actually read a bit of the Book of Mormon so I’m trying to base this from an educated standpoint.  But still, Mormonism just seems so ridiculous to me!  I think the fact that it’s so easy to make fun of is because it IS kinda nutty.  Welp, I’m enjoying the free WiFi at a laundromat and the dryer is almost done, so I’ll leave you with this gem.  You kinda have to know a thing or two about the LDS church to get it, but if you do, it’s hilarious.

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  1. Where I grew up in Southeast Alabama (i.e. Florida), we would often see neatly dressed men (not unlike Mormon Missionaries) standing on street corners on Friday and Saturday night, shouting at passersby that they “Where going to hell” and “would burn for all eternity” while shaking bibles at them.

      • I grew up a somewhat non Mormon in Utah.. and let me tell you…it was not easy! I know all about the church and have recently married a Mormon guy… and not being raised in the church, I see things with a more open mind! But… I can tell you one thing… you have this all wrong. They are some if the best people I have ever met… not nutty and most of us don’t cover up or wear knee length skirts.. there are A LOT of non Mormons here just fyi and we are certainly not as covered up as you say. Go to the heart of Salt Lake City.. you’ll feel like you’re in a normal big city.. maybe just a little more clean. Anyway… you shouldn’t say we’re nutty without knowing hardly anything. I think you need to come back here and try again.

  2. Carrie – about No. 5 above. They scan your ID not to make sure it is real, they scan it to keep on file for 2 weeks just in case the state want’s to know who was at the “bar”.

  3. This is all sorts of ridiculous. The fact that anyone would take all of this as fact is so silly lol. There are plenty of bars her, and we do in fact, call them bars. They scan IDs in case the state needs to know who was at the bar. Not everything is named Zion. Not even close. As far as the way we dress, clearly you haven’t been here since the 50’s maybe. We dress pretty much like the rest of the country. Basing your opinion of our religion off of polygamous shows and a few oddball YouTube videos is silly. You may be thinking of the FLDS church. The LDS church hasn’t condoned polygamy in about 200 years. This article made me chuckle. I think it’s amusing, but definitely not factual.

  4. I hope this was an exaggeration. I was born, raised and I currently live in Utah. I am not a huge fan of the state, but this is not what Utah is like… At least not in the area I grew up in. I did experience a lot of discrimination, but that’s because I great up in a predominantly LDS suburban neighborhood. Maybe if you traveled to the downtown, SLC area you’d find more bars, less covered women and more minorities?

  5. What weird part of Utah were you in that had “hardly any” minorities? They are everywhere. My neighborhood has Mexicans, Peruvians and Salvadorians. We live behind a couple from Fiji. There is a Laotian church a mile from me; I drive past it all the time. A handful of years ago, two of my best friends at work were Korean and Japanese, respectively. Samoans and Tongans are everywhere.

    Also: brew pubs (which are common in Utah) are called brew pubs (because they brew their own beers onsite). Bars are called bars. And they’re everywhere.

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