Mexico trip pics!


TentSurf 2011 was  A BLAST.  I’m still recovering.  We camped on Sandy Beach in Rocky Point, Mexico for 4 days with about 50 other couchsurfers from around the southwest and Mexico.  I might write more about it later, but for now here’s a photo recap.

The beach! This is how far away our tent was from the ocean.

Zach does an Axel Rose impersonation with seaweed. (Credit: Mike Huang)

Jumping off the booze cruise boat. Look at that turquoise water! (Credit: Mike Huang)

Whole group of crazy Couchsurfers. (Credit: Mike Huang)

Flying a tent at the end of the event.

Zach and me with our good friend Jeremy. (Credit: Jez Seidner)

And with that, it’s back to naptime for me.  Mexico took it out of me and I’ve now got a nasty bug.  I’m just dreaming of the even bigger adventures we’ll be having a few short months from now!


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