Best Birthday Present Ever!


Hellooooo there!  I have been SO out of the loop on posting and email and everything due to our Internet modem totally pooping out.  It’s still not fixed but it better be soon because I just feel so behind on life!  That’s what happens when so much of your day-to-day routine is based on being plugged in.  Weird!

Well, I’m going to get back into blogging with just a quickie for today.

Introducing, THE NEW LOVE OF MY LIFE:  my Nikon D3100!!!!!!

I have the best boyfriend in the world!!!!!  He got me this lovely and amazing dSLR for my 24th birthday (which was May 18th).  One of the things that we love about each other is the fact that neither of us is into stuff…we try to keep our lives simple and not accumulate tons of crap.  So in getting each other birthday and Christmas presents we try to emphasize practicality.

Why is a fancy schmancy dSLR practical?  Well, because I really do enjoy photography, I want to get better at it, and we can use this camera to take awesome pictures in our travels!!!   These will make my blog and the La Aventura Project website better.  And Zach made sure to get a camera that was amazing at shooting HD video also so that we can use it as a second video camera for the La Aventura Project documentary!

I’ve never had a Nikon (usually go with Canon) but Zach said that all factors considered he felt this one was better than the Canon he was comparing it to.  Anyone out there have this camera and wanna give me some tips?  I’m also looking for a good guidebook to learn more about it.  The included manual never has enough…

So here I am, one year older, and one step closer to a couple more of my Thirty by 30 goals (#20 “Learn to use a dSLR.” and I’m hoping this will prompt me to buckle down and learn photoshop soon too, which is goal #15)!


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