Operation Bikini: Update 1


For the purposes of my weight-loss plan, I decided that the week starts on Monday.  As I wrote, on Monday I went on an 11-mile hike, so that was my first “flex day” for the week, meaning I didn’t count calories.  I enjoyed some pizza and a margarita but didn’t go overboard.  Tuesday I did a great job eating (under 1000 calories), and went mountain biking with Zach.  Unfortunately I tripped on the rutted road and fell off, with the bike pedal hitting me right in the upper arch bone of my foot.  Ouch!  That was swollen and kinda sore until mid-afternoon today.  It kinda led me down a bad road, since instead of going for another bike ride I decided to make Chocolate Cupcakes with Cream Filling and Chocolate Ganache (recipe: Ming Makes Cupcakes) for Zach!  I didn’t actually eat a cupcake, but of course I consumed a good amount of the batter, filling, and ganache.  (Baker’s privileges, you know.)  So today became my second “flex day” already.  I did kick myself in the butt and got outside for a 30 minute walk, plus did 50 pushups and 150 crunches for at least a little exercise.    I definitely indulged a little too much today and need to work more on the moderation thing for my flex days next week.  So now I am facing a stretch of at least 4 days eating strictly (1000 calories or less).  It’ll be hard but I can do it!  Writing these posts will definitely help me stay accountable.


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