Viva Las Vegas


A few weeks ago Zach and I had the privilege of attending an authentic Vegas wedding-chappel wedding.  It was the wedding of a Peace Corps friend of mine and her girlfriend.  They went all out with the Vegas “theme-wedding” idea and had a “Pimps and Hos” wedding.  So this was not only our first Vegas wedding but also our first gay wedding and first wedding where we got to dress in costume.  It was basically just one of those ridiculous situations where we had no choice but to throw caution to the wind and go all out, because when would we have this chance again????

The whole weekend was crazy, as Vegas is supposed to be.  Highlights included: a night-before cocktail party in the “bridal suite” at Hooters Hotel and Casino, walking down the strip and into casinos with our own bottle of wine (cause it’s perfectly legal to BYOB everywhere!), our couchsurfing host bailing on us at the last minute and having to find a seedy motel, stuffing our faces until we literally couldn’t stand up straight at the Circus Circus buffet, wandering the strip watching all the insanity, Zach telling all the Mexicans handing out hooker cards “Quisiera hombre!” then of course, THE WEDDING!!!!

Post face-stuffing. When you pay $13 for lunch you must get your moneys worth. We didnt eat again for 24 hours.


The wedding took place at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.  Half the wedding party dressed as pimps and the other half as hoes, with my friend, the bride, in an awesome white tutu wedding dress and white boots.  The officiant was dressed and acted as Shaft.  It was super funky and fun.  They wrote their own vows and despite it not being your typical, traditional wedding in any way, it was still super heartfelt and very them.  It made me wonder whether the fact that they’re a lesbian couple whose marriage is already not accepted by many people or by their own state government helped them feel enabled to throw out convention for the wedding and just do exactly what they wanted to do.  It was refreshing to watch and was probably the most unique wedding I’ll ever attend.

Of course the best part was that we guests also had to dress up.  In the spirit of embracing the opportunity, Zach and I did some thrifting and went all-out.  I pretty much couldn’t sit down in my dress or walk in my shoes.  I would NEVER EVER EVER have been comfortable wearing this outfit anywhere other than Vegas.  The fact that I had some alcohol in my system and another bottle of wine in my hand also helped.  Zach was gifted his pimp cane and chain by the wedding party since they thankfully had extras.  As for his robe…well that was definitely from the bathrobe section at Savers and is definitely part of a Santa costume.

The shoes stayed off more than on my feet. I thought I was gonna break an ankle when I walked in them.


We had a ton of fun, although we both still agree that Vegas is a no-more-than-once-a-year place to us.  It’s waaaaay too tacky and materialistic for more often than that.  We definitely had a memorable weekend being there for this wedding though!


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  1. Haha!! This was so fun to read! I come from the “other side” where I’m a local, and though I do spend a good amount of time on the strip, I usually don’t get to do the fun stuff like this…though am thinking about having a wedding chapel renewal of our vows at 10years (next year). Thanks for sharing!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed reading my perspective! I can’t imagine living in Las Vegas! I used to live near New York City and the tourists got so annoying, but I can only imagine dealing with all the crazy drunk tourists in Vegas would be even worse!

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