Thirty by 30 Brain-freeze


For the past week I’ve been working on a list of 30 goals to accomplish before I turn 30.  I’m going to make another tab at the top of this page and post it there.  The list includes things to learn, places to go, milestones to experience, etc.  I’ve got 29 really solid ideas on the list but I CANNOT think of a #30!  This is weird because usually my brain flutters all over the place wanting to do too many things.  I just want this list to be composed of really awesome and well thought-out things that I can reasonably do.  I know there has to be one more awesome thing I really must accomplish in the next six years.  Any ideas for me?


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  1. How about…finding peace in the midst of it all. This one may be different from the rest of your list, but it is definitely something that is a journey which requires practice over time. Mental toughness I’ve heard it called – mental gentleness towards yourself seems accurate too. I think there are many routes…meditation, yoga, self-relaxation, mental imaging, etc, etc, closing your eyes and breathing deeply – taking the time to let go and be calm. It improves all your experiences from the ability to feel things more completely to having the capacity and patience to handle tough situations with more poise and confidence – A healthy sense that it will all work out no matter what challenge presents itself.

    Not knowing your other 29 goals it’s hard to say if you’ve been thinking along these lines…if not, this is something that can accompany all of the other goals because it requires regular practice and effort over time. It’s the thing that came to my mind first. It’s what I am trying to work on; finding balance and relaxation all along the way.

    Btw, love this blog! Keep it up girl!

    • You kind of just suggested what was right in front of my face, yet for some reason I couldn’t think of it.
      This is also something I’ve been wanting to work on for awhile now…it seems like I used to be able to find this “zen” or whatever you want to call it but as I’ve gotten older and busier and changed a lot I’ve become more high-strung and just lost it. So I do want to prioritize finding “peace in the midst of it all” as vague as that seems. I have a friend who practices “mindfulness” meditation and she suggested a book on that so maybe that will be a good place to start.
      Thanks for the idea.

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