Hello! Mambo! Hola!


My name’s Carrie, and I guess I’ve been kind of a serial monogamist with blogs.  In high school I first started writing on mindsay, I think.  What happened to that?  Haven’t heard of it in years so I’m guessing not much.  Then my emo spirit started craving company so I switched to xanga since that seemed to be where all my fellow emo high-schoolers were typing out their woes.  When that blog fizzled and died I took a hiatus.  My next blog experiment was an account of my summer in Kenya (2007) and was written on blogger.  I stayed on blogger and finally began writing more regularly at www.journeylost.blogspot.com after graduating from college and joining the Peace Corps.  It was mostly a Peace Corps blog but I stayed there for a year after returning and tried to make myself write regularly.  Until recently, when a web-savy friend finally convinced me of the super-sexy ways of wordpress.  I started looking around here and was easily convinced.  I like that it’s more customizable, cleaner-looking, and spunkier.  Who knows, maybe I am still serially monogamous with my blogging platforms and will end up switching again in another two years.  But for now, I like it here and I hope to stay.  See, I’ve had my high school blogs, my travel blogs (here and here) and my Peace Corps blog.  I kind of want this to be more cozy, comfy, all-encompassing, my LIFE blog.  So here’s to giving it a go.  Cheers.


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  1. I’m still bummed you guys up and moved right after Kim and I got back to town, but as long as you’re having fun, I support it! Be sure to let me know the next time you’re in Cbus!

    Congrats on the move up to WordPress!

    • We’ll be back sometime in September for at least a month! Thanks for giving me the WordPress tip! I hope life and wedding planning are going well for you guys!

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